International special & heavy goods transports

Passion for heavy transport.

Intercontinental Segment

Nordtruck opens up new paths to success.

Passion for heavy transport

Reaching the goal together.

Exceptional Transport for over 35 years

Our strengths are the heavy and special transport of goods


Flexible fleet coordination.


Burocracy & permits.

Escort Service

Escort service with specialist drivers.

Route Testing

Route check by our escort staff.

Transport for Third Parties

Close international cooperation.

The overview with all professional services concerning your transport can be found here.

Exceptional Transport

If there is one thing, we have learned in more than twenty years, it is that customer needs can be very different. And accordingly, we are happy to adapt to your special needs.

At Nordtruck, we take this approach, especially when it comes to heavy & special transport.

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Project Cargo

Our technical office analyses the various solutions for loading and transport using our special vehicles.

Earth-Moving-Machinery & Special Vehicles

Our fleet consists of numerous trucks specialised in the special transport of earthmoving machinery.

Industrial Buildings & Pipelines

For years, Nordtruck has been working with the most important companies for industrial buildings transporting their products.

Long Goods

Our trailers, which are single, double or triple extendible, enable to transport goods that are up to 50 m long and weigh 180 tonnes.

Vehicles for Passenger & Goods Transport

Our technical office analyses the various solutions for loading and transport using our special vehicles.

Air Freight

We guarantee that your cargo will be airfreighted to destination.

Water Transportation

To ensure safe and efficient sea transport, we have access to the most important ports in Europe.

Exceptional Transports Overview

With our fleet of vehicles, we are able to master any situation and transport loads of any size.


With Nordtruck, you open up new paths to success in the global market.


New ways to success on the european market.


Travel to and from Russia has never been easier.

North Africa

We will be happy to advise you for all special transports to North Africa.

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  • We transport your freight all over the world
  • We take care of all formalities and permits
  • Our entire fleet complies with the latest emission standards
  • Transport with escort service if required
  • We guarantee safe, fast, and timely transport
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