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Nordtruck carries out exceptional transports not only in Italy. Indeed, we have specialised in several markets in the course of our 20-year existence. In addition to Europe, we also transport your goods to Russia and North Africa.


The movement of goods is an essential pillar of our economy. Therefore, there is a lot of responsibility behind it - especially when it comes to exceptional transports - and we are aware of this responsibility.

Accordingly, we have not only constantly developed ourselves and expanded our expertise over the years; we also have the most modern technological infrastructure and a very well-equipped fleet.

We have built up a network of competent partners to reach all corners of Europe, Russia, and North Africa. Whether by land, rail, air, or sea.


  • Europe

    Nordtruck offers exceptional transports throughout Europe. The EU has gradually facilitated the movement of goods within its borders over the past decades. That does not only apply to countries within the Union. This trend is constantly continuing, as it is the movement of goods that holds this overall picture together, at least on an economic basis.

    Our experience and our network are the foundation of safe and efficient special logistics, which Nordtruck has stood for since its foundation.

    Even though large parts of Europe can be reached by land, we can also offer you air and water alternatives. Nordtruck adapts to your needs for special and heavy transports so that we can reach every corner of the continent for you.

  • North Africa

    Nordtruck offers exceptional transports to North Africa. Over the years, we have established excellent business relations in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya. These countries have developed efficient and well-structured logistics systems over the years.

    So if you need special and heavy transports that should cross the Mediterranean Sea safely and fast, Nordtruck is the right address for you.

    While Europe and Russia are also easily accessible by land, North Africa poses a particular challenge. Exceptional transports to this region are not possible without considering air and sea transport.

    At Nordtruck, we always adapt to the needs of our customers. Our competence and partnerships guarantee a smooth transfer of your special cargo to North Africa.

  • Russia

    Nordtruck offers special and heavy transports to Russia.

    Russia has always been one of the EU's most important neighbours, also and especially in terms of trade. The country is rich in raw materials, not least natural gas, which is of utmost importance for the European area.

    To guarantee secure trade with this important trading partner, we require extensive expertise and the necessary contacts. Both factors you will find at Nordtruck, which promises you a safe transport of your special goods.

    Even if Russia can be reached by land, we can also offer you air and water alternatives.


With Nordtruck, you open up new paths to success in the global market.


New ways to success on the european market.


Travel to and from Russia has never been easier.

North Africa

We will be happy to advise you for all special transports to North Africa.

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