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Exceptional Transports

Exceptional Transports

Heavy & Special Transports by Nordtruck


The transport industry is rich in alternatives and solutions to meet the needs of each individual customer.


Exceptional transport, as the term implies, plays a special role in this sector. This special role is reflected in the exceptional nature of the cargo, legal and logistical arrangements have to be made which are not required for normal freight transport.

Nordtruck has specialised in exceptional transports: exceptional freight is part of our daily routine and we are well prepared for any eventualities.

What kind of exceptional transports do we offer? For which projects are we the right partner?

Here is a list:

  • Project cargo
  • Earth-moving-equipment and special vehicles
  • Industrial buildings and pipelines
  • Long loads
  • Vehicles for passenger and goods transport
  • Airfreight and water transportation

This is an overview of exceptional transport services we can provide. However, the industry is rich in alternatives and solutions to meet the needs of each customer. If there is one thing, we have learned in more than twenty years, it is that customer needs can be very different.

And accordingly, we are happy to adapt to your special needs.

What Is Exceptional Transport?

Exceptional transport describes the transport of goods that exceed the dimensions established by legislation. These include, for example, containers, prefabricated elements for road or bridge construction, or industrial machinery.

Legally, the transport of goods by road is regulated by road traffic regulations. There are clear limits on the weight and size and restrictions on the types of road that can be used.

If exceptional transports are involved, they are legally possible, nevertheless, they require permits and the use of technical aids that distinguish them from normal freight transport.

Moreover, the motto applies: different countries, different customs - or in our case: different legal guidelines. In the case of international transport, it must be taken into account that different sizes and weights of vehicles and goods must be transported under different legal conditions. This entails a bureaucratic effort that should not be underestimated.

Sounds very complicated - indeed it is. Leave that to us at Nordtruck. We will step into the breach for you, organise your transport and everything else. The sky is the limit.

Project Cargo

Our technical office analyses the various solutions for loading and transport using our special vehicles.

Earth-Moving-Machinery & Special Vehicles

Our fleet consists of numerous trucks specialised in the special transport of earthmoving machinery.

Industrial Buildings & Pipelines

For years, Nordtruck has been working with the most important companies for industrial buildings transporting their products.

Long Goods

Our trailers, which are single, double or triple extendible, enable to transport goods that are up to 50 m long and weigh 180 tonnes.

Vehicles for Passenger & Goods Transport

Our technical office analyses the various solutions for loading and transport using our special vehicles.

Air Freight

We guarantee that your cargo will be airfreighted to destination.

Water Transportation

To ensure safe and efficient sea transport, we have access to the most important ports in Europe.


With Nordtruck, you open up new paths to success in the global market.


New ways to success on the european market.


Travel to and from Russia has never been easier.

North Africa

We will be happy to advise you for all special transports to North Africa.

Looking for exceptional transport?

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  • We transport your freight all over the world
  • We take care of all formalities and permits
  • Our entire fleet complies with the latest emission standards
  • Transport with escort service if required
  • We guarantee safe, fast, and timely transport
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