Nordtruck, established more than 20 years ago.

The Nordtruck company operates throughout Europe, in the CIS countries and also overseas (North and South America).


For over 20 years, our family-owned logistics company Nordtruck has stood for safety and trust in exceptional transports.

In the beginning, our radius of action was limited to national transports with 2-axle tractor units and 3-axle semi-low trailers. Step by step, we expanded our business to the whole of Europe and thus built up an extensive customer base.

That has enabled us to make a name for ourselves as a medium-sized company locally and beyond the borders. We carry out exceptional transports to the whole of Europe, including CIS countries and North Africa.

Our Philosophy

Our credo: quality and professionalism. The mission: punctuality, sustainability, and reliability.

With more than 20 years of experience in exceptional transport, we have not only expanded and developed our expertise, but also our structures. We keep up with the zeitgeist and focus on a sustainable and environmentally friendly service.

We take all necessary measures to guarantee safe and transparent processing and rely on a direct and personal service available to you 24/7.

By cooperating with the police and public authorities, we ensure that the transport goes quickly and smoothly, facilitating that through our escort service.

We are constantly developing and adapting our services to your needs and the needs of our environment. We offer reliability and professionalism as well as a future-oriented and sustainable approach.

Our Team

Nordtruck relies on many years of experience and innovative skills. The highly qualified team consists of trained specialists of different generations.

This target-oriented personnel structure allows us to benefit from our older employees' experience to ensure customer expectations are always met. The know-how of the younger generation complements the business model, enabling us to constantly integrate new features into our service.

Ongoing training of our employees ensures that we always look ahead and that innovation and progress remain important engines within the company.

Give and take - by providing an integrated package for our customers, not only we benefit, you do too. The result? A fast and efficient service.

Our Vehicle Fleet

We take an innovative approach to vehicles to fulfil all your wishes without detours. You will find widenable mega trailers, low trailers, low bed trailers, modular vehicles, extendable trailers, and other types of vehicles for your special and exceptional transport.

We can transport payloads of up to 180 tons. Permanent permits up to 3.00 metres wide and up to a total weight of 70 tonnes apply to various countries throughout Europe.

We keep an eye on our environment: our fleet is exclusively composed of environmentally friendly trucks to contain emissions of pollutants as best as possible.

As we attach great importance to work safety, the vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art driver assistance systems. That contributes to the safety and support of our drivers, thus guaranteeing an efficient and reliable service.

Our company's workshop is responsible for the regular maintenance and repair works of the vehicles.

Besides, transports can be tracked via GPS around the clock to guarantee transport without complications and react immediately if necessary.

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Additional services exceptional transport

  • Transfer transport of trucks, mobile cranes, and similar mobile machines
  • Crane provision for loading/unloading, and positioning of heavy goods
  • Dismantling/assembly of industrial plants, wind power plants
  • Authorisation service for special and exceptional transports
  • Escort service for special and exceptional transports
  • Preparation of customs documents and export certificates
  • Transshipment of heavy cargo at various locations in Europe


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Stefan Gruber
Sales Manager

Phone: +39 0471 320 220
Fax: +39 0471 974 721

Rainer Michaeler Bernadette
Sales Department

Phone: +39 0471 320 220
Fax: +39 0471 974 721

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