Nordtruck offers special and heavy goods transport.

We love to be challenged by your requirements.


Our offer ranges from standard transport to personalised services adapted to your requirements. Payloads up to 180 tons and transports with excess width, length, and height are part of our daily business.

Thanks to our extensive vehicle fleet and our structured process handling, we find an individual solution for every transport.

Contact us for the transport of your goods, we will gladly organise it for you.

  • Organisation

    To guarantee you a comprehensive and impeccable service, the various departments of Nordtruck are constantly working at full speed. The modern equipped offices have the necessary technical infrastructure to make the coordination of all transport vehicles as flexible as possible.

    Precisely implemented internal work processes guarantee safety, efficiency, and punctuality. Your freight is in good hands with us and arrives at its intended destination on time.

    In the transport management office, all processes concerning transport are carried out, the freight is organised and assigned to the appropriate vehicle.

    The department responsible for authorisations constantly cooperates with public and private institutions, so that there are no bureaucratic hurdles in the way.

     The administrative department controls every service carried out and is at your disposal for administrative questions.

  • Authorisations

    Exceptional transport involves a bureaucratic burden that should not be underestimated, as legal permits and authorisations have to be obtained. An effort that Nordtruck will gladly take on for you.

    Our specially designated department pulls out all the stops to organise permits and authorisations for your exceptional transport. This also includes coordination with the relevant police authority, which will be called in to accompany the transport if necessary.

    We also have permanent permits that make exceptional transports much easier from a bureaucratic point of view. These are valid up to a width of 3.00 metres for countries throughout Europe.

  • Escort Service

    Nordtruck offers all services concerning exceptional transports, this also includes escort services.

    The law stipulates that every vehicle used for the transport of exceptional cargo must be accompanied by an escort vehicle appropriate to the type of vehicle and the route traveled. This measure prevents accidents and possible traffic disruptions.

    The escort service accompanies the special transport in vehicles specifically provided for this purpose with trained and authorised drivers behind the wheel. The drivers obtain the necessary authorisations and licences directly from the highest level, the Government Commissariat.

  • Route Testing

    Being a company performing exceptional transports, Nordtruck has to guarantee that the planned routes can be driven safely. This requires meticulous route planning and route inspection. Construction sites, damaged roads, potential traffic obstructions - in order to exclude or take all eventualities into account, roads and routes taken by the transport are closely examined.

    As soon as the route to be taken is determined, we forward it to the relevant authorities and road traffic bodies.

    In the case of transports whose dimensions are at the limit, our accompanying personnel will carry out a route check directly on site. To prevent unforeseen events, an alternative plan is drawn up, so that we are prepared for unpleasant surprises.

  • Transport for Third Parties

    For particularly complex transports, Nordtruck can rely on close cooperation with the best European and non-European logistics companies.


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North Africa

We will be happy to advise you for all special transports to North Africa.

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