Industrial Buildings & Pipelines

Heavy transports of large industrial structures & pipelines


For many years, Nordtruck has offered exceptional transports of large industrial buildings and pipelines. Due to the close cooperation with the relevant companies, we guarantee safe and accurate handling of the transport.

The process must be agreed upon and coordinated with the producers since many details have to be considered, not least variables for which we must always be prepared.

Although special transport is our core business, the transport of these products stands out once again. Due to the varying nature of the goods to be transported, experience alone is not enough. New fixings and priorities have to be discussed so that the service can meet the requirements. That presents our employees with new challenges from job to job, which require accurate analyses, extensive planning, and ultimately a smooth execution.

Nordtruck's ensures that your freight is guaranteed to reach its destination. No matter what obstacles our employees may face.


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North Africa

We will be happy to advise you for all special transports to North Africa.

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